Bible Q&A with Pastor Steven

Pastor Steven attempts to answer Bible questions in a clear but thorough manner. He is the Senior Pastor at Decatur Bible Church (MI). YouTube = Twitter = Blog =

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Thursday Nov 03, 2022

Bible Q&A with Pastor Steven - Episode 14
1. I have a lot of problems with worry and anxiety.  Do you have any suggestions to help?  Thanks.
2. Trivia question.  After Noah built the ark, for how many days and nights did it rain?
3. Are Jesus and the Father’s throne the same?  

Wednesday Oct 26, 2022

Bible Q&A with Pastor Steven - Episode 13
1. Do we know where Jesus is now?
2. Trivia question.  “Spare the rod, spoil the child is a biblical teaching about raising children?”  Is this in the Bible?
3. Sometimes I get confused reading Revelation.  It is confusing knowing where the events are taking place.

Wednesday Oct 19, 2022

Bible Q&A with Pastor Steven - Episode 12
1. Are there any Bible passages that give advice on making decisions – decision-making?
2. Trivia question.  Were the Ten Commandments written on the front side of the tables?  Or were they written on both sides?
3. In Revelation 13:11, it mentions “another beast.”  What or who is this referring to?

Wednesday Oct 05, 2022

The Angel of the LORD
1. What evidence do we have that the Angel of the Lord might be a pre-incarnate Jesus? 
2. Are there any similarities between Jesus and the Angel of the Lord?
3. Do we see any appearances of the angel of the Lord after the incarnation?
4. What do we learn from this study?

Wednesday Sep 28, 2022

Bible Q&A with Pastor Steven - Episode 10 (Angels 4)
Names and Classifications of Angels
1. What are some of the general names and classifications of angels?
2. Who are the cherubim?
3. Who are the seraphim?
4. Who are Michael and Gabriel?

Wednesday Sep 21, 2022

The Ministry of Angels
1. How and what do angels do in their ministry to God?
2. How and what do angels do in their ministry to Christ?
3. How and what do angels do in their ministry to Unbelievers?
4. How and what do angels do in their ministry to believers?

Saturday Sep 17, 2022

1. How did angels come into existence?  Were they created? 
2. What is the nature of angels?
3. Trivia question – How do angels respond when a person believes in Jesus?
4. The Bible warns us about not doing something related to angels – worship them.

Thursday Sep 08, 2022

1. Existence of angels.  How do we know they even exist?
2. What is an angel?
3. Trivia Question.  Do you know how many angels there are?
4. Where do you often find them and what can we learn from what they do?

Thursday Sep 01, 2022

Bible Q&A with Pastor Steven - Episode 6
1. What language was the Bible written in?  Since it was written by various people over such a long period of time? 
2. Trivia question.  Of the four gospels, which two include the genealogy of Jesus Christ?
3. What does Jesus look like today?  Does he look similar to some of the artwork we sometimes see in paintings, etc.?

Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

Bible Q&A with Pastor Steven - Episode 5
1. Does the Bible teach capital punishment?  Does it not say that “thou shall not kill?” 
2. Trivia question.  What angels are given names in the Bible?
3. Who is taken away in Matthew 24:40?  Are these believers or unbelievers?


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